Joomag and Salesforce

Real-time data flow from Joomag to Salesforce and vice versa.

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Trusted by 5,000+ customers and millions of users

Live, Two-Way Data Sync

Discover the efficiency of Joomag's live, two-way data sync, providing consistent accuracy between Salesforce and Joomag. Any actions taken on Joomag — from form completions to interaction with publication — are instantaneously reflected in Salesforce. Experience the power of an integrated solution that automates data updates, driving efficiency, and improving ROI.

Create and Deliver Digital Marketing Collateral

Elevate your publishing game, transform ordinary content into extraordinary results!

How We Deliver

Content Creation

Create interactive publications using predesigned templates or upload a static PDF file and bring them to life with our CraterTM Editor. Engage your audience with videos, audio, photos, surveys, feedback forms, and more.

  • Crater™ Editor 
    Our user-friendly and powerful online editor makes it easy to create digital content from scratch or enhance uploaded PDFs with interactive elements.
  • 300+ Templates 
    Quickly design and publish publications like magazines, newspapers, and newsletters.
  • Real-time Content Rollout
    Update and republish your content on the fly without changing any embedded links or URLs.

Our Clients Love Us

Trusted by 5,000+ customers and millions of users

Our clients love us

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We get value from using Joomag to publish our digital magazines. It's easy to upload and manage our PDFs. We're leveraging Joomag's email marketing to drive distribution and its analytics to determine how our content is performing. Joomag is intuitive and easy to use.

Bianca Tamura
Content Production Manager at HP

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Discover the Complete Digital Publishing Platform

Discover how Joomag helps in creating and managing digital magazines, engaging newsletters, online brochures, and e-catalogs. Deliver these to your audience, team members, and potential clients. Further, utilize our robust analytics to enhance your content and boost your ROI.

A Complete Enterprise Digital Publishing Suite

Create and manage digital magazines, newsletters, brochures and catalogs, and distribute them to customers,  employees and prospects. Then, leverage analytics to optimize your content and maximize ROI.

Discover the Complete Digital Publishing Platfotm

Discover how Joomag helps in creating and managing digital magazines, newsletters, brochures, and catalogs. Distribute these to customers, employees, and prospects seamlessly. Then, employ powerful analytics to refine your content and maximize your ROI

What is Joomag?

Joomag is a digital publishing and content experience platform that helps companies easily create and deliver interactive publications from PDFs or templates.

We provide in-depth analytics and behavioral insights to optimize your content strategy, drive reader engagement, and accelerate revenue growth.

Trusted by 5,000+ customers and millions of users

Trusted by 5,000+ customers and millions of users

Trusted by 5,000+ customers and millions of users


Boost your content's visibility and reach with web, mobile, desktop, social media, and mobile-friendly viewing. Increase ROI by getting content in front of more people.

  • CRM
    With highly accessible CRM tools, you can manage your leads, segment them, and run campaigns.
  • Email Marketing
    Create, launch, and deliver engaging email marketing campaigns and get valuable insights into their performance.
  • Branded Apps 
    We’ll build custom-branded Android and iOS apps and distribute them on Google Play and the App Store. And we’ll do it cost-effectively.

Key Features

Data Enrichment

Efficient Subscription Management

Salesforce holds your valuable contact data, but enrich it further using Joomag's advanced data capture capabilities. Collect more detailed and industry-specific information about your contacts, enhancing their profiles for targeted marketing strategies.

Sell and manage subscriptions efficiently in Salesforce, then fulfill them using Joomag. Ideal for businesses with membership models, where one of the perks could be an exclusive digital magazine.

Lead Conversion Detection

Lead Generation and Data Capture

Gain deep insights into your leads' interaction with your content, using Joomag's contact-level engagement metrics. Recognize sales-readiness, connect Salesfoce, and utilize these insights to trigger events or score leads for prioritized follow-up.

Generate leads effortlessly on Joomag using customizable forms and directly transfer them to Salesforce. This feature simplifies the process of populating your CRM with fresh leads.

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