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How To Create an Online Catalog

Upload Your PDF Catalog

Create a PDF file using your favorite design tools. Then, upload it to our platform and we'll convert it to a customizable, interactive digital catalog that retains every link, product, and predefined element of the original. Enjoy razor-sharp text and image quality, too.

Video and Slideshows

Showcase products in style by adding product videos. Include dynamic slideshows featuring product images to capture every angle and give shoppers everything needed to make informed purchasing decisions.

The Future of Online Shopping with Joomag’s Digital Catalog Creator

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As a new venture into a new market, Joomag was able to provide the solutions and support needed to help launch our first digital magazine. We couldn’t have done it without their wonderful support.

 - Vinicius Iwashita, Marketing Coordinator at WBHE Brazil

Digital Catalog Examples

Costco Wholesale

The Game Goes On

Stanley Becker & Decker 

Spark your creativity by exploring 300+ product catalog templates, or by viewing some examples from our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an online catalog?

Will my digital catalog replace my eCommerce store?

Unlike print catalogs, digital catalogs provide a data-driven view of what customers want. You can improve checkout page conversions by analyzing users' cohorts, shopping patterns, and preferences.

Digital catalogs are more visually engaging than websites because they include striking design elements, specifically curated products, and optimized viewing experiences. But online catalogs are not intended to replace your website. Instead, they function as an additional source for generating checkout-ready traffic.

Why choose Joomag as an online catalog creator?

Joomag is a comprehensive platform with powerful tools for creating, distributing, and analyzing content. With a focus on customer behavior, we provide world-class technology to help businesses measure content performance on a granular level. Our approach to performance tracking empowers marketers and data analysts to maximize ROI and drive top-line growth.

How long does it take to get started with Joomag?

Depending on your marketing stack and the format of your content, it can take a few days or a few weeks to get you up and running with us. Our platform is supported by extensive integrations and we offer professional services for content creation, design, and management.

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300+ Premium Digital Catalog Templates

Create any product you want with hundreds of catalog templates at your fingertips. Each template fits perfectly on any device screen and can be fully customized to make them more memorable.

Format Your Online Catalog the Right Way—Your Way

Single and Double-Page Spreads

Create online catalogs in any format, including traditional double-page spreads best suited for larger screens with Joomag’s Digital Catalog Maker.

Long Reads

Deliver an uninterrupted, seamless, and scrollable viewing experience on mobile devices via a  long read format.

Inspire Customers to Buy with Interactivity


Learn what potential and existing customers think about your online catalog and products with embeddable feedback forms.

Bring your online store’s shopping cart to your digital catalog via third-party widgets, and more.

Dynamic Widgets

Email Marketing

Send emails to millions of readers and consumers with just one click. Joomag maximizes deliverability thanks to its proprietary email technology used by many big-name brands.

Easily Distribute Catalogs and Generate Leads

Omni-Channel Distribution

Deliver digital catalogs through every channel used by your customers, including push notifications, text messages, and social media.

Collect potential customers’ emails at the right time and when they’re ready, or get more information from existing customers to encourage repeat purchases.

Lead Generation

Improve With In-Depth Analytics

Audience Insights

Discover which customers are new or returning, where they're from, how long they're staying in your digital catalogs, preferred devices, and much more.

Product Insights

Understand which products or categories are performing the best. Measure the impact of your online catalog and discover buying patterns by collecting and analyzing reader behavior data.

Individual and Behavior Insights

Gain key insights into important user behavior. Analyze which customers are viewing your content, compare their behavior, calculate ROI, and optimize your online catalog with Joomag Analytics (JMA).

Enterprise-Grade Support

We understand the importance of security and enterprise support. We work with hundreds of enterprises, safely store their data, and have SLA and live chat support.

Brand online catalogs with your corporate logo, colors, and backgrounds. Leverage your domain name to customize the viewer experience even further.

Branding and Viewer


Embed catalogs in your website, blog, and other communication channels.

Interactive Product Catalogs

Open up new possibilities by embedding videos, surveys, and dynamic widgets.


Integrate Joomag with popular marketing and eCommerce services for a unified workspace.

Email Marketing

Browse our collection of over 300 fully customizable digital catalog templates.

Online Catalog Templates

The leading online catalog maker that transforms static content into engaging, interactive digital experiences.

Crater™ Editor

Upload PDF catalogs to Joomag’s Catalog Maker and enrich them with our interactive elements.

Create interactive newsletters and promotions in minutes and email them at scale as part of your multi-channel communications strategy.

Key Features 

Import Content

Customers deserve a great shopping experience without the hassles of long check-out lines and out of stock inventory. Create your very own digital catalog with Joomag’s Catalog Maker and give shoppers what they really want.

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