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How To Create an Online Magazine

Create Online Magazine from PDF

Use your favorite design tools to create a PDF file. Then upload it to our platform and we'll convert it to a customizable, interactive HTML5 digital magazine that captures every link, email, and predefined element of the original. Enjoy razor-sharp text and image quality after the conversion process is completed.

Video and Audio

Keep viewers watching by adding YouTube, Vimeo, and personal videos. Or get them to listen up with embedded podcasts, MP3, and SoundCloud audio files.

Create High-Value Digital Magazines That Keep Readers Hooked

We're all about making the process of creating, distributing, and measuring digital magazines easy for everyone. Create yours by selecting from 300+ professionally designed magazine templates, or by using a PDF file. And our professional services team is always ready to help, too.

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Full Story

As a new venture into a new market, Joomag was able to provide the solutions and support needed to help launch our first digital magazine. We couldn’t have done it without their wonderful support.

 - Vinicius Iwashita, Marketing Coordinator at WBHE Brazil 

Digital Magazine Examples



Optimal Workshop

Looking for some inspiration? Find it by exploring over 300 online magazine templates, or by seeing what our talented customers have created with us.

Key Features to Meet Your Needs

Import Content

Upload PDFs to Joomag and enrich them with interactive elements.

Crater™ Editor

An easy-to-use online magazine maker that transforms static content into engaging, interactive digital experiences. 

300+ Magazine Templates

Explore our collection of 300+ fully customizable digital magazine templates for publishing, internal communications, and marketing.

Bring your favorite tools together in one place. Seamlessly integrate Joomag with popular marketing, sales, internal communications, and subscription management services. 


Privacy and Access Control

Control how your content is shared by granting access to specific people or groups. You can also use single sign-on (SSO) for internal communications. 

Encourage readers to actively engage with your content by adding rich media, videos, podcasts, surveys, and dynamic widgets. 

Interactive Magazines


Embed publications in your website, intranet, blog, and other communication channels. 

Leverage the convenience and simplicity of a branded mobile app to communicate with your audience anytime, anywhere. 

Branded Apps

Email Marketing

Create compelling newsletters in minutes and email your digital magazine at scale as part of your multi-channel communications strategy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do digital magazines work?

How much does it cost to start a digital magazine?

Online magazines work much like their physical counterparts with flippable pages, but are designed for computers, phones, tablets, and other digital devices instead of paper. A digital format holds many exciting advantages over print; for example, there are no printing costs, distribution is free, content is dynamic instead of static, and you have access to performance analytics. 

If you’re transitioning from print to digital, you can save a significant amount of money by handling distribution yourself or with a digital publishing service. You’ll need to hire a team of writers, editors, and designers if you’re launching a new magazine on your own, but Joomag can help offload all or part of the design work at a fraction of the cost. Check out our professional services page for more details. 

What are the benefits of digital magazines vs. print? 

No printing costs, instant distribution, the ability to edit content on the fly (even after distribution), worldwide coverage, more markets to reach, valuable insights into reader behavior, and less logistical headaches are just some of the benefits of publishing a digital magazine.   

Does Joomag offer print and digital services?

Absolutely. One of our customers, HP, publishes its brand publication online and also prints around 700 copies regularly. But what works for you will largely depend on your audience. People have their own preferences, and while print circulation is shrinking, many still enjoy having a physical magazine in their hands. While providing online access is crucial these days, it’s important that we still give our customers print and digital options. 

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300+ Online Magazine Templates

With hundreds of beautiful templates for any business occasion, building your dream online magazine is fast and simple. Each template fits perfectly on any device screen and can be fully branded to reflect your unique style.

Choose the Right Format for Your Digital Magazine

Single and Double-Page Spreads

Create online magazines in any format, including traditional double-page spreads optimized for larger screens.

Long Reads

The standard format for mobile devices, long reads provide users with an uninterrupted and seamless viewing experience.

Next-Level Online Magazine Interactivity


Say more with less visual clutter. Combine multiple photos into a fully customizable slideshow.

Want readers to visit your website? Use hotspots to direct them to it right from your online magazine. Make the viewing experience fun for everyone by adding interactive surveys, calculators, charts, forms, minigames, and any other third-party widgets.

Dynamic Widgets

Text-Only Version

Text-only content doesn’t include any visual content and is primarily intended for those who enjoy a simple reading experience. It’s also great for SEO!

Sell Digital Magazines

Sell your online magazines and let us handle the rest. Sell single issues or subscriptions from your own website and use Joomag as a low-cost fulfillment solution.

Distribution and Selling Options

Email Marketing

Run email campaigns and maximize deliverability with Joomag’s proprietary CRM. Our email builder and templates make creating the perfect message quick and easy.


Omni-Channel Distribution

In-Depth Analytics

Audience Insights

Learn important information about your readers, like which ones are new or returning, where they’re from, how long they’re staying in your online magazine, how many pages they’ve viewed, which devices they use, and much more.

Content Insights

Know which magazines, articles, or ads are performing best. Then adjust your strategy accordingly to increase readership.

Individual and Behavior Insights

Gain key insights into reader behavior in a privacy-friendly way. Our analytics software can tell you which customers, employees, or members are viewing your content. Use that information to compare their behavior, find patterns, and optimize your digital magazine for success. 

Distribute online magazines via links, push notifications, text messages, and social media.

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